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YDice Help

Roll your dice by touching the Roll button(see figure 1).
Figure 1. Roll Button
Select the dice at the top of the screen that you wish to keep by touching them. You can roll up to 3 times before you have to select a score. Roll indicators next to the roll button show you how many rolls you have left. Red ones indicate that roll has been used.

Figure 2 shows that 2 rolls have been used and 1 roll is left.
Figure 2
After all rolls have been used or you are happy with the dice showing, select the score you want by touching that score. All scores are displayed in the score area. Selected scores are highlighted and cannot be selected again. Score hints are in green to help you decide which score to select (figure 3).
Figure 3
After all the scores are selected the game is over. You can start a new game by touching the New button. You can also start a new game with a different player by selecting the Player (figure 4) button which will display all your contacts to select from.
Figure 4. Player Button

Additional YDices

If you roll more than one YDice, on each additional YDice you get the points by selecting another score. You will get that score at full points value and the additional 100 points is already added to the YDice score.

Keyboard Support

  • Space to roll dice.
  • Key 1 to select die 1
  • Key 2 to select die 2
  • Key 3 to select die 3
  • Key 4 to select die 4
  • Key 5 to select die 5
  • Key S to enter score mode (figure 5) - once in score mode, red letters appear by the score for you to select on the keyboard.
    • Key 1 for the one's score
    • Key 2 for the two's score
    • Key 3 for the three's score
    • Key 4 for the four's score
    • Key 5 for the five's score
    • Key 6 for the six's score
    • Key Q for the three of a kind score
    • Key W for the four of a kind score
    • Key H for the full house score
    • Key S for the small straight score
    • Key L for the large straight score
    • Key A for the chance score
    • Key Y for the YDice score
Figure 5. Key S goes into Score mode

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